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How becomes the diagnosis of Celiac Disease ?

Specialized examinations are accomplish to evaluate the absorption of D.XILOSE and dosage of fat in excrements, as well as dosage of anticorpos antigliadina, antiendomíseo and antitransglutaminase, however,

The accomplishment of thin intestine biopy is absolutely necessary...

to establish the diagnosis of the Celiac Disease, must be gotten preferential in the duodeno jejunal junction.

Attention: Don't exist reasons that justify to initiate the "diet without gluten" without to accomplish the biopsy.

The samples can be gotten using perioral capsule,known as capsule of Watson or Crosby-Kugler, that is connected to a sounding lead or clamp during the process of high digestive endoscopia. In both the cases is important the envolvement of professionals accustomed with the diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

Which is the treatment of Celiac Disease ?

For the Celiac Disease, exist only one treatment: a rigorous diet without gluten or can occur harmful consequences for the patient.

It must be substitued the ingredients that contain gluten ( as the wheat flour ), for other as rice flour, maize starch, maize flour, cassava flour, potato starch.

The diet must be followed by all life ?

Yes, therefore the amount of gluten enough to cause symptoms can varies of patient for patient. If not appear symptoms later that the patient to ingest gluten, this doesn't mean that the food will not make to it badly.

The monitoring of the diet must be permanent, because the ingestion of gluten can occur without that we perceive, so:

- Don't fry foods without gluten in pan with oil that to fry other foods with gluten.

- Don't transfer butter in foods without gluten with the same knife that was used to transfer butter in foods with gluten.

- Don't use anoint forms with wheat flour. Only use this forms after they have been washed well.

In the lack of industrialized products without gluten in Brazilian, most of the preparations of food of patient must be caretaker, demanding time and devotion for the preparation, generating creativity in new recipe.

How to follow a healthy diet without gluten ?

In this case that the patient must have a varied feeding, composed for elements or nutrients that help it to grow, and the withdrawal of gluten doesn't confuse the growth process that if extends until the adolescence, since that if substitutes for other foods without gluten.

Of general form, the food can be divided in ENERGY, CONSTRUCTORS and REGULATORS, being that a balanced diet must contain adequate amounts of all they, always that will be possible.


The energy are mainly the Carbohidrates ( also known glicideos ) and the Lipideos ( also known as fats ). They are give energy for our daily activities and are responsible for keeping constant the temperature of body.

Carbohidrates - They are known as sugar and can be small as sacarose, the lactose and the glucose or greaters as malto-dextrina and the starch. We find the carbohydrates in great amount in the maize, rice, cassava, potatoes, beanses, lentil, pea, grain of peak, sugar, honey and others.

Lipideos or fats - Besides being good source of energy, the fats also are responsible for transport the vitamins A, D, E and K of foods that we ingest, until inside of our organism.

The fats are in vegetal oils ( oil of : soy, maize, cotton, canola, sunflower ), in vegetal cream, in bathe of pig, in butter, in milk cream, in egg yolk and hidden in the meats of ox, chicken, fish, rabbit, in ham and in maionese.

Atention.: It looks for to substitute bathes for vegetal oils when cooking the foods, it doesn't eat very fries food, and it gives preference to the butter. You will be preventing disease of heart and veins, as arterosclerose, infarct and trombose.


The construction elements are Proteins.

Proteins - Guarantee the perfect functioning of skin, muscles, heart, vision, bones and brain. The proteins can be in origin foods:

* Animal - they are used to advantage of one better form for our body and this calls of high biological value. Found in the meat, fished, the liver of ox and chicken, in dobradinha (bucho), eggs, milk and derivatives ( materialized, yoghurt and cheeses).

*Vegetal - also they are important in our feeding and are gifts in beans, soup, pea, grain, peak and others.


In the regulation foods group they are : Vitamins, Minerals Salt, Fibres and Water.

Vitamins - They are in great number in our organism. We don't produce and none food possess all they, for that our dieta must contain the most varied foods. Each vitamin has a certain function, but in general way, they are important to keep our health in day. They regulate our system nervous, improving our immunity against the infections.

Vitamin : Goods to : It is found :
A Bronzing of the skin, prevents fall of the hair Carrot, string bean, lettuce, pumpkin, pineapple, peach, milk, meats of cow and pig
A, E Skin and vision  
C Structure of the veins and gum ( mouth ).Its prevents the escorbuto, disease that cause internal and external hemorrhages and weaknesses). Its prevents grippes, cooled and it fortifies the imunologic system Tomatoe, green chili, brocolis, raw cabbage, orange, lemon, grape, acerola, cashew, sleeve, kiwi and goiaba
D Calcification of bones and teeth. To absorb phosforo for organism Oils of fish's liver, liver and eggs yolk. To stay exposed at the sun also helps absorbs it.
B1, B2, B6 and B12 Functions of the cells. It prevents anemias, it prevents fatigue and masculine sterility Liver of ox or chicken, eggs, red, chestnut meats, nuts, carrot, pea, beetroot, milk and cheese plate.
K Coagulation of the blood  

Minerals Salt - Amongst the components most important of its group, the calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Iodine, Manganese and copper are distinguished. They act in the construction of fabrics, the formation of bones and teeth, in the nerves, heart, growth, etc.

The foods that has calcium are milk and derivatives ( materialized, cheeses and yoghurts ), the broccolis, spinach, acelga, watercress, borecole, chicory and mustard. Its absence in our organism provokes harm calcification of teeth and of the bones, thus the child grows slowly or stop to grow.

If we doesn't have iron in the organism, we will have anemia, being tired, neglect, with sllep and weak. The iron is responsible in taking oxygen through of lung and the blood, and the fabrics need it grown and to survive. We find th iron on the meats, beans, spinach, acelga, sprout of pumpkin, cabbage and leaf of candy potato. So that better they are used to advantage by our organism, we must consumiz them with foods that contain vitamin C, as lemon ( lemonade ), goiaba, acerola, orange, papaya and banana.

Fibres - They are component of the foods that our organism need to regulate the intestinal function. Some foods without gluten and rich in fibres are the fruits ( with rind ), vegetables, beanses, lentil, maize ( green, canjica or popcorn ), the papaya, dried-grape and plum black.

Water - Necessary for diverse functions of our organism, as lubrication of joints, of the corneas, aid in the functions of intestine, is part of the spittle, of tear and mode of transport for the nutrients inside or out of blood.

How much water we must drink per day ?

Children up to 10 kg : average 500 ml per day.

Between 10 and 20 kg: average 800 ml per day.

Above of 20 Kg: average 1000 ml per day.

Adults: From 1 to 2 liters per day.

In days of extreme heat, in cases of diarreia ou fever, is necessery to offer more water, that can be in form of pure water, juices, refreshments, ice cream of fruits, cooling or coconut water.

Some patients transgress the diet ?

Unhappyly yes, therefore even so the only treatment consists in the diet without gluten for all life, this treatment seems simple, however innumerable problems can take the patient to transgress it, as in the example:

* Lack of familiar orientation about the Celiac Disease and its complications.

* Incredulity in the amount of forbidden cereals ( any amount is hermful and aggresive to patient ).

* Financial difficulties, therefore the allowed foods are more expensive than others that contain gluten.

* Habit of to use wheat flour in the feeding ( bread, pasta, etc ).

* Lack of cookery hability of mothers to prepare foods substitutes.

* Strong pressure that we suffer from to publicity of industrialized products, that in takes them to consume this products and,

* Labels, packings or papal briefs that can don't contain the correct composition of ingredients.

The law Nº 8543, created in 23/12/1992, determines that all companies who produce foods with gluten keep the registration ( CONTAINS GLUTEN ) in the packing of the products.

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